a walk on the wild side

The guided wilderness walk

Bush Walk

To really appreciate all the Lions Bluff has to offer, you have to leave the safari vehicle behind; and take a walk. Slow in pace, wide-ranging in scenery, led by one of our trained safari guides, our guided walks are designed to offer a fascinating insight into the world of African trees, flowers, insects, reptiles, birds and animals. Tickle up a baboon spider, or ant lion, learn the art of tracking and how to tell which animals were there before you, learn how to light a fire without the use of matches, fire an arrow using arrows poisoned with desert rose sap, which roots to use when you have diarrhoea… our guides’ knowledge is amazing and their enthusiasm infectious.

As always, because we are a small lodge, we can tailor- make your bush walk to your desires.


Early Morning Bush Walk

Leaving Lions Bluff after an early morning cup of coffee in our open sided game vehicle you are taken on a short game drive to the start of the Bush Walk. The exact location depends on visibility, such as the length of the grass, and game movement.

Once out of the vehicle, the rangers give you a quick brief; mostly to determine out your interests. The rangers, all brought up in and around the Sanctuary are knowledgeable on the Birds, insects, tracks, signs, flowers and plants. They will tell you the local names and uses of each plant, show you how to read the evidence of who has been there before you and can tell you about the local culture.

bush walk

The walk lasts about an hour and a half and, ideally, ends with a full english breakfast under a tree.

You will need:
Hat, Dull coloured clothing, Sun lotion, Comfortable shoes, Binoculars, Camera

Many clients want a different kind of walking experience. As long as your safety is catered for we are happy to offer that.